Mission Statement

     The Youth Empowerment Movement (YEM) aims to develop character in each student that we service. Our goal is to form impactful relationships with our youth in an effort to guide them towards overall self-development. The mission is to deter young men and young women from nonconstructive activities that have long lasting effects on their future. We promote the day-to-day progression of academic improvement, career exploration, personal growth and social development. In addition, we implement innovative strategies that create opportunities such as college and career exposure and other unique essentials that empower the youth to become valuable members of society.

     Our Empowerment team uses a hybrid approach combining guided discussion, sports, technology and community based business exposure as social-emotional learning tools to combat the negative elements of society. The YEM mentorship academy is facilitated by experienced sports coaches, seasoned educators, guest speakers, community leaders and more, to include gang-intervention that will touch base in a unique fashion. Our mentors and guests come with decades of experience working in various sectors and all will have something to offer the youth.

     YEM specializes in the motivation and development of young children of color. We aim to successfully help in the advancement of students from high-needs communities throughout Brooklyn and we target real world results. Discipline, character building and self-development will prevail during our carefully planned mentor sessions.

We focus are resources heavily on:

  • 1 on 1 and group sessions
  • Academics (My Grades and why it Matters!)
  • Fundamentals and advanced skill building
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Health and Wellness
  • Facilitated lessons geared to build character in students
  • Community engagement
  • College and Career exposure
  • Crisis and Gang Intervention
  • Professionalism training (emailing, attire, public speaking, etc.)
  • Social networking and Social Media awareness
  • Confidence training
  • Competitive Team Building

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