Ignite their potential

🚀 Are you ready for a life-changing adventure? We're thrilled to introduce the Youth Empowerment Movement - a 10-month program designed to empower, inspire, and transform young minds. 
🌟 **Why Join Us?**
Our program is not just about learning; it's about growth, values, and impact. Together, we'll explore respect, accountability, leadership, and more. Your child will gain skills that last a lifetime.
🌍 **Impact the World**
Imagine your child growing into a confident, responsible leader who respects others, cares for the environment, and speaks with eloquence. The impact they can make in their community is boundless. 
🌈 **What's In Store?**
From thrilling outings to engaging lessons, we're here to make learning fun. With guest speakers who've walked the path to success, your child will be inspired to dream big.
The current price for the after-school mentorship academy is $825 per session, for up to 16 students. This includes 28 sessions beginning September 27, 2023, 1 session per week for the entire school year (excluding holidays and breaks listed). If a participating school would like to participate in sports leagues or tournaments, those expenses are funded by the school, I.E. basketball league admission fee, referee fee, and uniform fee. If interested in bringing this program to your school; we can be contacted via email at drew@empowermentmvmt.com
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