Empowerment Keys

Key items to keep in mind

Clear goals and objectives: Well defined goals; academic improvement, career exploration, personal growth and social development

Matching: matching the youth with Mentors that make sense: Personality, Background and Goals. Each mentee has a unique need along with unique experiences.

Mentors: Vetted mentors with real world experience. Our mentors will focus on effective communication, active listening, building trust, setting boundaries and spotting the needs of our young people. Special interest in the building trust phase.

Structured Activities: structured framework to guide interactions. This includes organized activities, group outings and one on one sessions.

Monitoring Progress: Develop action plans and perform regular check-ins (spot checks). Have an open line of communication with school staff to ensure accountability is always a priority of the Empowerment Movement. Mentors should demonstrate positive values, behaviors and attitude, fully support school initiatives and foster an environment conducive to community engagement. We know involving families and the broader community can enhance our program but it also the support network around the mentee.

Evaluation: Quite simply; We want feedback from stakeholders. Let us know if our program is effective and identify areas of improvement. We will make the adjustments!

Commitment: Our commitment is intended to be long term. We want to engage students throughout the school year but also remain a pillar in their social growth because lasting relationships will allow a more substantial impact.

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